JE Design "gets a hand" to Cupra Ateca with a good result

Cupra Ateca prepared by JE Design

The Cupra Ateca , in addition to being the first model of the new brand, is a sports SUV without any rival in the market. It belongs to the C-SUV segment, the one of all medium-sized roads, and has an exquisite configuration. Under its hood, the 2.0 TSI engine of the Seat Leon Cupra is responsible for generating no less than 300 HP , sending them to all four wheels to ensure great effectiveness.

With 300 HP, DSG change and all-wheel drive , the Cupra Ateca is already a car with more than decent performance. However, there is always someone who can stay just and want to add an extra spice to the Sports SUV . For what we are going to tell you next, it seems that JE Design has the solution for that kind of people.

JE Design is an expert preparer in vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, for what you can already imagine that the 2.0 TSI engine of 300 HP is known as the palm of your hand, because it is mounted on cars such as the León Cupra, Golf R or Audi S3, among others.

JE Design prepares a Cupra Ateca

The preparer affirms that by means of electronic adjustments in the control units they have raised the power of the Cupra Ateca up to 360 CV , also increasing its torque engine from 400 to 450 Nm . Of course, for optimum performance you must now use 98 octane gasoline.

JE Design comments that, after its mechanical adjustments in the engine electronics, the sports SUV trims 0.4 seconds in the acceleration of 0 at 100 km/h compared to the standard model. That means that he is now able to cover this sprint in only 4.8 seconds , breaking the complicated barrier of 5 seconds.

The previous modification must be accompanied with a > Suspension kit which, in addition to hardening to avoid biasing the body, lowers the overall height of the car by 3 cm . This should greatly improve the handling of the Cupra Ateca, since the center of gravity is much lower and, therefore, a great gain in agility and stability is obtained.

A aesthetic level There are no missing specific tires in 19 and 20 inches, added in the skirts, widening kit for the wheel arches and lower protections for the bumpers available in black and silver tones. The truth is that with the lowest free height, the big rims and the external additives looks much more aggressive than the serial model .

Source - JE Design

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