Next week we will get to know a Cupra prototype. What is it about?

Even if it does not look like it, in this month of February it has been one year since the new Cupra brand became totally official; although we already knew several details previously of her. The day February 22 Cupra celebrates its first anniversary as an independent brand, date you want to celebrate with the presentation of a new prototype .

At the moment , we only know that this model has been named as Concept-car CUPRA and that, according to the brand itself, " makes clear the direction and vision of the future of the brand in terms of design and technology ". Of course, the most important thing is that it is the first vehicle created by the specific development team for Cupra ; that is, it does not take the basis of a Seat model, as in the case of Cupra Ateca.

In their press release they have left us a image as an advance payment , although With much darkness to not let us see everything we would like. In any case, and although it is a model created exclusively by Cupra, the design style later that is appreciated thanks to the shape of the LED lighting is very similar to the view in the new Seat Tarraco.

Given the > rumors that we have known in recent months, it seems more than possible that this concept to be presented on February 22 is a prototype in the very advanced phase of the future Cupra Terramar . Obviously it is an SUV model, something that even the brand itself has recognized by stating that it is " a prototype that combines the advantages of SUVs and sports cars ".

Given the above, we can expect that this model presents different forms to the Cupra Ateca. We intuit that you will have more aggressive forms in your body , but also it will also be characterized by a more coupé style aesthetics and a lower overall height in order to offer a more passionate design and, in turn, a better dynamic behavior due to the lower center of gravity.

There are no official confirmations by the brand -more than the date of presentation of this new prototype- and many reasoned intuitions. , but we'll have to wait until next Friday, February 22 so that the Cupra Terramar, sorry, the Concept-car CUPRA will be revealed.

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