Ferrari will soon present a large production hybrid with V8 engine

Although we do not want to see it, the automotive world is changing and more and more manufacturers are betting, to a greater or lesser extent, on the electrification of their models. And yes, this is also being noticed in luxury brands and very high performance models. Everything seems to indicate that Ferrari will soon discover a supercar with hybrid mechanics.

We are already assimilating that it is possible to see the occasional supercar with hybrid propulsion system , but it is no less true that, even so, we do not end up getting used to it completely even though yields are superlative in many cases. Look at the Porsche 918 Spyder or, exactly, the Ferrari LaFerrari; although both are in a higher league. The fact is that these two examples have been very limited production cars. The new model will be a big production car .

According to an article published by our colleagues at Automotive News , this new hybrid will be presented soon , but not during the next Geneva Motor Show, which is held at the beginning of next March, but in a specific event whose date is still unknown. Of course, the forecast is that the first deliveries are made at the beginning of next year 2020.

Going back to the topic of its mechanics, in the publication it is affirmed that this model of the cavallino rampante will have a V8 thermal engine, which will be combined with the electric propeller . This achieves an extra performance while reducing fuel consumption, minimizing the impact on the environment due to lower CO2 emissions.

At the moment have not been published data ​​strong> on the performance of the hybrid propulsion system in terms of power or torque, or on the performance of the vehicle. Nor do we officially know if, in addition to being hybrid, the V8 thermal engine will have supercharging.

As I understand it, it is likely that we are talking about a 48-volt micro hybrid and not a conventional hybrid, so it's more than likely a smooth electrification of the 3.9-liter V8 engine currently equipped with the Ferrari 488 GTB. In this way, we would be talking about approaching the 750 HP, since the 488 GTB Pista already develops 720 HP. It's time to wait for Maranello to pronounce themselves.

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